November 23, 2017

Episode 122 | Theology For the Rest of Us

I have a strong suspicion that many of my listeners and readers are the kind of people who hate Christian cliches and who are tempted to throw away their faith because of troubling doctrines like...

Hell - how can we possibly believe that a loving God could decide that anyone needs to spend an eternity of conscious torment?

A Violent God - how does the God we seem to see in the Old Testament square with Jesus?

The church - are we at the beginning of a new reformation?

Sound like you?

In this episode, I tackled all three, in the hopes that you might find a way to hang on to your faith, but also explore some new ways to see some old things.

Some of the resources I mentioned in this episode:

The Four Views of Hell

Sinners in the Hands of a Loving God 



My work:

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