July 19, 2018

Episode 155 | Midrash with Rabbi Alan

You win. 

Rabbi Alan is back on the show, and he's talking Midrash, which is an expansive way of viewing the Scriptures that will most likely shatter your brains (in the very best way possible). 

If you're new to the podcast, Rabbi Alan is one of my mentors - and one of the greatest influences in my life as far as how I see God and especially how I read the Bible. He's funny, brilliant, and he's been on the podcast six times, so he's no slouch. I love him and you will, too. 

And hey, I'm doing a LIVE PODCAST on Friday night, August 10th at Art House North in St. Paul, where I'll be taking the concepts we talked about in this episode even further, so grab your tickets soon. I'll be joined by my friend Shawn Smucker, author of The Day the Angels Fell and the follow-up that just came out, The Edge of Over There. I'll also be joined by my friends Tov Music (Steve and Heidi Haines), who are finishing up their first studio record, and it's some of the best music I've heard in a very long. 

Enjoy the podcast then go grab those tickets! 

In it together. 

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