May 23, 2017

Episode 93 | Writing with Shawn Smucker (Correct Version!)

Peeps! I mistakenly released the wrong mp3 file for the Shawn Smucker conversation earlier today. This is the right one! Sorry about that! 

I first heard of Shawn Smucker when one of my friends came home from the Festival of Faith and Writing and said, "Steve. I got to meet SHAWN SMUCKER." And then he went on to gush. And the guy that was gushing is a phenomenal writer himself. I honestly hadn't heard of Shawn, but that changed quickly. Shawn is a gorgeous writer, who has written quite a few books, including Building a Life Out of Words, which tells the story of when he quit his job and started writing full time. He's currently writing a novel (I am terrified of writing fiction), and he talks about it on the podcast. If you are a writer, or want to be a writer, or simply love words, you're going to love this conversation. Music on today's episode is from Sara Groves (song: My Dream). 

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