February 8, 2018

Episode 133 | Tree of Lies with Scott Perkins

Scott Perkins was on staff at a large church, had a marriage that looked like it was thriving from the outside. But on the inside, he was exhausted and looking for an escape hatch. So he resigned his position, separated from his wife, and started a new relationship. That's how his book Tree of Lies begins

Scott went on a long journey where he eventually discovered that focusing on behaviors and trying hard to get it right is not the path to God, it's the path to burnout. In this conversation, we covered lots of ground: we talked about true self and false self, freedom and rest, and how to get honest about your actual life. 


Links we discussed on the show:

Tree of Lies book

The Deeper Journey by Robert Mulholland

His Worksheet to assess your life

Tree of Lies Website

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